About Us

I am Germany based PCB Designer, Prototype assembler and general Tinkerer Christian Peine and go by the alias C_Payne.

I have in the past, for personal use, developed quite a lot of different PCB Designs: Micro Drones, flight controllers, radio controlled equipment, digital video links etc. etc.

One matter however has brought me some attention from the community:

PCIe Bifurcation Risers

There have been quite a few requests to buy my risers and this webshop is an attempt to make an actual business out of this matter.

I will from now on sell PCIe Bifurcated Riser Prototypes for the other tinkerers and small form factor enthusiasts around the globe.

I also offer services to modify the Risers to suit your needs, or develop completely custom versions.

Schematics and Board files are also for sale, depending on your application and anticipated volume.